Monday, June 8, 2009


i ve been working 1 week plus plus..comment: all da staff here ok except for director..haiya ini olang manyak kabott...masuk opis tau2 nyer haru bdk2 sales..sian depa manager is winny..story bout her a bit..shes quite funny sumtimes..pelat bangat die nih..shes likes to speak malay..shes tried to speak fluent in malay but sumtimes..hahahah..kelakor je bunyi nyer..cina la kataken..pelat nyer sendili mau ingat lorr..
task aku quite byk..almaklum le..assist manager..but its a gud experienced to know da flow,da activities selling buying car a bit..tats wat i learned from dis company..PROTON DEALER..
mmmm..till now bos2 still not coming yet..but ok ler..aku leh tinjau2 sket...ngulor2 sket..
k lor..i m goin for take my