Wednesday, March 10, 2010

FIRQAN AR RAYYAN turn to 1 month

today my only son turn to 1 kul 9.00 am we get dressed to brought FIRQAN AR RAYYAN to da clinic..i m not to intended brought him to da government clinic coz we have to wait for at least 3 hours plus plus.

so we preferred to go CLINIC KITA which is located at cheras perdana. after registered we waited our number called up.our number is 63..we choose doc salmi .we re easy with doc salmi coz his very detailed to his patient.

ding! our number display at da screen..we (me..pirul n mak) get entered without wasted many times, doc informed tat me n bby should have da injection.i did first..then doc said da paint tat i felt will be same tasted to my in my heart pray tat hopefully RAYYAN will be strong.

doc started checked my bby heart..took his he is 3.80kg..alhamdullillah..and others things related.then doc ready to inject RAYYAN..what we salute about my bby..his not crazy cried as many bby i saw once da doc inject. RAYYAN use da technic took a deep breath followed by his small cried less than 1 minutes..hahahah..its amazing to us. we tot tat RAYYAN will cried loud and loud but alhamdullillah its not what we expected of.

then da 1st session done already..we need to see da doc again by net usual for another injection not only my also.after payed we go da session for today is goin smooth coz RAYYAN was in gud groused ..gud boy!...muah muah


~ PIJA ~ said...

gagah perkasa buah hati ibu nih...
tak nangis tu...

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